ThinkDog Toys & Treats

ThinkDog Toys & Treats

ThinkDog Toys & Treats

We make our cuddly toys in adherence to the highest standards of quality— employing the most durable, innovative materials, textures and noise makers to ensure hours of blissful play. And we make all of our great tasting treats right here in the USA—using only the finest natural and organic ingredients.

ThinkDog’s fun-filled toys and delicious treats are made just for dogs by persnickety people who love dogs and who think they might actually be dogs.

Think like a dog. Play like a dog.

Our treats are homemade right here in the homeland with a short list of the highest quality ingredients available. Then we tinker and perfect them until they provide the smells and tastes that dogs love most. We know that because we test them on our own dogs first…just as we do our toys. They’re safe, stimulating playthings made to last (your buddy may have different ideas)—fabricated with crackling, crunchy, squeaking materials that bring out the puppy in your dog and the child in you. ThinkDog products are made with love to be shared with love.

Super soft & durable toys!

Serious squeaks, rattles, crinkles & crushes!

Sturdy ropes & bungees!

Toy-in-a-Toy technology!​

Chips! Strips! Granola!

Natural & organic treats!

Made in the USA!​

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