• Love this place tim is super knowledgeable about most pets and just a great guy I liked j&m before i met him but i freaking love tim

    Jordan Dexter
  • Awesome service every time, awesome quality

    Brandy McCullough
  • This is where I go to get my dog treats or every so often a special dog toy. I used to get my

    Amanda Pacheco
  • This a locally owned and operated store that stocks a large variety of pets. The largest selection being aquatics, saltwater and freshwater. It is a bright and clean store. I have always been gree

    Gail White
  • Helpful staff, answered all my questions, got my tank looking beautiful.

    Walter Dominguez
  • I love J&M aquatic. They have very nice things and their service is fast and easy! Everyone is pretty easy to get along with, and if you are asking for advice on a product they will give it to

    Pet Care Cruz Soto
  • Pet Sitter

    Love this store, the staff is super friendly and knowledgable. I get all my pet supplies here every since another pet store gave us bad information that ended up killing one of our pets. The staff

    Rachel Lobato
  • I love this place. The staff are super helpful and collectively possess personal experience and knowledge on a wide variety of animals. The service is quick, thorough, and the wait is minimal. The

    Cassie Jennings
  • Today was my first time going in there, I was immediately greeted and directed to the chinchilla supplies. One of the employees came over and talked to me and she was super knowledgeable and helpf

    Leslie Hirt
  • Pet Sitter

    Friendly staff. They seem to know what's going on with stuff and descent prices

    Josh Vaughn