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Here are some of the latest blog post for the pet care.

Cleaning your Fish tank
17 Aug

Cleaning Your Fish Tank

Crystal Clear Waters: The Importance of Cleaning Your Fish Tank and the Vinegar Solution A thriving aquarium is a beautiful part of a home that offers a tropical flair with its vibrant colors and intriguing fish. Maintaining the fish tank’s cleanliness is the key to keeping that look constant. A consistent cleaning schedule ensures the aquatic residents’ health and happiness and the ecosystem’s overall aesthetic. In this article, we discuss the necessity of cleaning fish tanks and exploring a new safe and effective cleaning method with vinegar. The Need for Consistent Tank Cleaning  Water Quality: Fish and other creatures in your […]

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Benefits of small pets
11 Aug

Psychological Benefits of Small Pets

We live in a world where hustle and stress are typical daily for most individuals. Life can become overwhelming, and we need extra support. Obviously, humans can be excellent at providing comfort and companionship. Still, we sometimes overlook how much peace and joy pets can bring us. Whether it’s a rabbit, guinea pig, or maybe an enchanting bird for some, these adorable little animals have remarkable psychological benefits for us humans. These are some of the ways they help us.  1: Reduce Stress Life can become super demanding, and sometimes nothing seems to go our way. Elevated stress can impact […]

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Green Clown Goby
14 Jul

Green Clown Goby Fish

The green clown goby fish is a peaceful saltwater fish suitable for 10 gallon and larger reef aquariums. These cute fish enjoy swimming among polyp corals and will often spawn in an aquarium.  Carnivorous, they enjoy brine shrimp and frozen mysis shrimp along with other frozen “carnivore” fish foods. At J&M Aquatics and Pet Center we stock the polyp corals that these fish love as well, so you can get your fish, corals, and everything else you need for a happy and healthy new fish (or two) in your fish tank.  Learn about other great saltwater fish here.   Fluval […]

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dogs running
17 May

Summer Tips for Traveling with Pets

Quick summer tips for traveling with pets:                   Bring food and water from home. No one wants a pet with an upset stomach while you’re traveling. Call ahead. Make sure wherever you’re going (campground, hotel, wilderness area) allows dogs. Attach name tags to your pet. Make sure name tag information is up to date. If you need a new one, J&M Aquatics can make a name tag for you while you wait. Pack a leash and tie out. Before you even exit the car, attach the leash. Bring toys! A bone for […]

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How to Clip Your Cat's Nails
17 Apr

How to protect your curious cat

When your cat is too curious, bad things can happen! Cats are curious by nature; they want to be everywhere and see everything. They hate closed doors and always want to know what you’re doing.  Never fear though! If you’re wondering how to protect your curious cat, we’ve got tips. Cabinet Doors To keep your cats out of cabinets they shouldn’t be in (under the sinks, for example) use child-proof locks.  We have done this and it will in fact keep your kitties from opening cabinet doors and checking out all the cleaning supplies. Plants You can use a boundary […]

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Glo Danio GloFish
15 Mar

Top Fish for Desktop Aquariums

Tom and Eric from Fluval share their lists for their top fish for desktop aquariums.  These fish need to be smaller, as they’re in tanks smaller than 15 gallons.  On the list are: guppies, pygmy corys, ember tetras and lots more!  To learn more about the top fish for desktop aquariums, make sure to watch Eric and Tom’s video below. Because desktop aquariums are small, when it comes to the top fish for these tanks, nano fish, shrimp, and small community fish like tetras and danios are perfect options! We always have a TON of these in stock and we […]

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Caring for your pet's teeth
20 Feb

Pet Dental Care and Caring for your pet’s teeth

We often don’t think about our pet’s teeth or mouths until their breath starts to smell.  Then immediately we say, “Ew! Your breath stinks!” Chances are, if your pet has bad breath, he has gum disease. Since February is pet dental health month, we wanted to focus on that and point out some tips for caring for your pet’s teeth. First of all, many adult pets have some form of periodontal disease.  It’s not at all uncommon, but it can be prevented.  Make sure that you’re taking your pet for his annual check-up. At that the veterinarian will check your […]

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15 Nov

Flea and Tick Control: Not just a summer problem

 Fleas and ticks don’t just cause uncomfortable itching for your dogs and cats; ticks in particular can cause serious diseases like Lyme disease or Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever.  Even out here in the desert we have fleas (from the prairie dogs) and ticks, so it’s best to protect both your yard and your pet from disease causing insects like these.  And yes, fleas CAN survive inside during winter months, so use these tips to protect you and your pet year-round. For your yard, try to find an eco-friendly spray that will kill fleas and ticks.  Make sure that the spray […]

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13 Oct

How To Introduce Cats to Each Other

When we decided to adopt cats, we knew we wanted two. They can play together and comfort each other when we’re away. To accomplish this, we did the easy thing and adopted a pair of sisters who had already been sharing space together at the store. We knew they got along and loved each other! However, if you have had a solitary cat and are adding a new kitty, or are adopting two cats who don’t know each other that well, follow our tips below on how to introduce cats to each other. Some kitty should always be under control. […]

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