Holiday gift ideas

Holiday gift ideas

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It’s the holiday season and we know you’re stressing over gifts for everyone from your mom to your dog.  Here are some ideas to help you not only find gifts for your pets, but for others in your family too!

Of course pet gifts are easiest at a pet supply store.  We’ve got dog beds, new dog toys, slo-bowls for those dogs who like to eat too fast, new winter jackets or shoes, doggie backpacks, and new water bowls too.

For cats, a new scratching post or place to climb is always welcome.  Cats get bored too and so finding interactive toys for them to play with are great.  CatIT Senses toys are one to look at.  There are several different ones, some combining ball tracks with treat games and other “sense” enhancing items.

CatIT toys are available at J&M Aquatics and Pet Center in Grand Junction, Colorado

CatIT toys are available at J&M Aquatics and Pet Center in Grand Junction, Colorado

For aquarium pets, try adding a new plant or decoration.  If you’ve got small pets or birds, consider a new toy for them as well.  Gerbils and Hamsters constantly need things to chew on, so new toys for that are always a hit!

But what about the people in your life?  Are they pet lovers? Do they have pets? What about…

  • a new aquarium LED lighting system
  • new decorations or a gift card to buy new fish for an existing aquarium
  • a new leash or harness for their favorite canine
  • a desktop aquarium kit
  • a placemat for food and water bowls
  • a donation to a local shelter or organization (like CLAWS or the Grand Valley Pit Crew here in Grand Junction)
  • volunteer to pet sit for their next vacation
  • find stocking stuffers like pet hair removers and gourmet pet treats
  • if you know them really well, consider getting them a brand new pet! We’ve got a great selection of small furry friends, reptiles, birds and fish.

Happy holiday shopping! Come see us at 2851 1/2 North Avenue in Grand Junction!


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