Cute Dog Pictures because…why not?

Cute Dog Pictures because…why not?

It’s Wednesday and it just so happens that two of my friends posted cute dog pictures on Facebook today.  First up is Freddie, or Frederick Von Humphriestein as he is known on his birthday.  Freddie, a terrier/min-pin mix, is 12 and enjoys long walks and chasing non-venomous snakes.  Mostly he enjoys snuggling up on furniture, which “supposedly” he isn’t allowed to do!cute older dog

But look at that face! How could you deny him anything he wants?  Except grapes. NEVER grapes.

Next are 3 well-behaved dogs, thanks to lots of training classes and puppy day care for one of them. In the center is baby Flynn, who is 2 months old. Flynn’s mom and dad have taken much time to train their three dogs (from left) Summit, Izzy and Axel.  Summit is still technically a puppy though he looks gigantic, and he goes to daycare each day so that he can run off some of his never-ending energy.  But seriously, look at how well-behaved these dogs are!  Oh, and the baby is cute too.

cute dogs with baby

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