New Dog Breeds

New Dog Breeds

New breeds are created all the time, but to be recognized by the AKC means that dog breed can compete at Westminster (assuming there are a few hundred of that breed in the country).  These first two, recognized this year by the AKC will be eligible to compete in next year’s Westminster Dog Show:

The American Hairless Terrier has ancestors who were bred to hunt rats.  It is supposed to be energetic, alert and curious and is the first hairless breed to come from the US.


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The second breed recognized this year is the Sloughi (Sloo-ghee).  It’s part of the hound group and is known for its speed and endurance over long distances.


Seven new breeds have been declared eligible for Westminster this year! A few of them are listed below:

The Mini American Sheepdog.  Look at how cute this dog is! Its known to be versatile, energetic and curious.


Also the Boerboel (aka the South African Mastiff) will compete this year. This is a confident and strong dog capable of surviving the harsh climates of South Africa.


To see the remaining new breeds and read more information about them, click here.

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