Is a dog right for you?

Is a dog right for you?

It seems like once or twice a month friends of ours say, “You should get a dog! You guys have the perfect life for a dog!” It’s true we backpack and camp and bike and do lots of things an active dog would enjoy, but no matter how much our friends think we should get a dog, we always have to stop and ask ourselves a few questions:

  1. Could it go everywhere with us? And if it couldn’t, what would we do then? Sure, we have friend who could watch a pet for a weekend, but we wouldn’t want to leave it with other people for longer than that.
  2. Do we want to deal with pet hair? We’re very neat people…almost fastidiously so, and we have a friend who has 2 dogs who is not so neat.  Her house has lots of dog hair and it drives us crazy.  So we always have to consider this when we begin to think about dogs.
  3. We love going barefoot in the backyard…do we want to have to deal with dog poop? If we were to get a dog I’d do my best to train it to go in one spot so that the rest of the yard remained poop free.
  4. We like being carefree.  Having pets is a big responsibility.  It requires dedication from owners and sometimes we just aren’t sure we want that.  It’s much better for us to know this about ourselves than to get a dog and find out too late.

Still…then we get videos from our friends of these cute little guys and we have to start all over with the questions!

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