Fungal skin infections in dogs

Fungal skin infections in dogs

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Freddie has a fungal infection. The poor thing has had to wear this cone of shame to keep from scratching around his eye.


The doctor wasn’t sure exactly what kind of fungal infection it was, but she was able to discover that that’s what was causing his malaise by using a blacklight. Fungal infections will sometimes show up under those and poor Freddie lit up like a Christmas tree. He’d gotten into a tiff with a cat earlier and we believe that may be where this started…

One fungal infection I read about was Malassezia Dermatitis.  It’s apparently more common in some breeds of dogs, including dachshunds.  It’s caused by an overgrowth of yeast and can cause symptoms like scaly skin and redness.  The doctor gave Freddie’s parents an anti-fungal shampoo to use and some medication as well.

Always trust your gut when it comes to your pet.  You know better than anyone how your dog or cat usually acts, and if you notice something abnormal, there’s probably a good reason.  We’re lucky Freddie’s parents are so dedicated to him because it took 3 trips to 2 different vets to figure this one out!

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