Baby it’s (getting) cold outside!

Baby it’s (getting) cold outside!

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Colder temperatures are arriving here in Western Colorado and we want to make sure your dog (and outdoor cat if you have one) is set for the winter.

  1. If your dog has short hair and enjoys the outdoors, make sure to provide him or her with a coat or vest.  Small dogs especially, like chihuahuas, are prone to cold and vests, sweaters and coats can keep them more comfortable.
  2. If you plan to take your dog hiking in the snow, invest in a pair of shoes.  Many dogs end up with ice balls in the fur around their paws and this makes for an uncomfortable hike.  Plus, that snow is really cold!
  3. If you have an outdoor cat, try to provide a place for it to get in out of the cold.  Many people use insulated coolers and design nifty “cat houses” using hay or straw, old blankets, etc.  You might also install a cat door on an outside shed.
  4. Aim for shorter hikes and walks with your pet when the temps get really low.  Just like us, the cold can affect them and, while exercise is great, we don’t want our pets to develop health problems because of the cold.
  5. Make sure your pet has a nice warm place to sleep in the winter. If your cat usually sleeps in the garage, provide some added warmth with a pet bed or old blankets. If your pet sleeps inside, providing some insulation from the floor, with a dog bed or blankets, is nice.

Playing with the snow

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