National Cat Day & Cat-Sitting

National Cat Day & Cat-Sitting

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This past Saturday was National Cat Day.  I was in charge of feeding the four cats of a friend who said to me, “Tell them I love them!” Well, that was mostly impossible because 2 of the 4 rarely came out of hiding while I was there. Pet sitting can be stressful for both those taking care of the pets and for the pets themselves. They’re already concerned because Mom and Dad aren’t home and then a stranger comes in!   Feeding and caring for someone else’s cats means trying your best to care for pets exactly as their parents would.

Clockwise from left: Meet Macy (Gray), Ember and Bogey, and finally, Jasper who is as much of a scaredy cat as he looks in this picture. My friends feed their cats a mix of wet and dry food, which is smart. Wet food is necessary for many cats because they don’t drink enough water and can be prone to bladder issues.

In this household Bogey, the tabby, is the most social and vocal of the group. He met me at the door each time, led me to the kitchen and proceeded to “Meow-splain” to me how to do everything.  Then, when I went to check the litter boxes (always a good idea to have multiple litter boxes for multiple cats) he would try to eat everyone else’s food!

Almost no one would come out to visit while I was there.  If they WERE out, then as soon as I showed up they ran to hide. In any case, they all survived until Mom and Dad got home, and so did I.  Cats are such funny creatures and they all definitely have their own personalities. Before pet sitting or deciding to adopt a shelter cat, know what you’re getting into and what type of pet you’re after!

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