Checklist for new puppy or kitten

Checklist for new puppy or kitten

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It’s Spring and the kids wanted a new pet. You’ve gone to J & M Aquatics, or an adoption group, a humane society or an animal shelter and walked out with a new kitten or puppy. Now what?

First, there is the satisfaction of having a new pet and saving a life! Give yourselves a great big hug! The next steps ensure that you and your new furry friend with be happy and healthy. J&M Aquatics has pet supplies for your new pet!

  • Quality Food – There are many great organic and natural foods to choose from. You might want to start out with a bag of food that’s the same as the food your new pet ate at the store or shelter, and then also get a bag (or cans) of a different one that you want to transition your pet to for the long-term. Ask for suggestions.
  • Food & Water Bowls – Recommended: steel or anti-microbial food and water dishes that can be cleaned in a dish washer.
  • Pet Bed – Making sure your pet has it’s own space where it can lie down comfortably and feel safe to relax is essential.
  • Crate or Carrier – Very helpful to transport your pet to the vet’s or puppy housebreaking. Make sure there is enough room in the crate or carrier for your pet to stand up and move around comfortably.
  • Collar with ID Tag – For both dogs and cats: make sure they have a comfortably fitted (you should be able to stick two of your fingers between their neck and their collar) collar on with an ID tag at all times. You can get your pet microchipped. (It costs about $20 through adoption group or shelter  – if they haven’t already done it). This will help immensely if your pet is ever lost or stolen. Don’t forget, if you got a dog or puppy, make sure you get a 6-foot leash as well.
  • First Aid Supplies – Creating your own pet first aid kit or buy one. Because you never know!
  • Poop Supplies – Poop bags for a dog/puppy and litter box, kitty litter (eco-options available), and a scooper are necessary items. A good idea with a new puppy or kitten is a bottle of stain & odor remover!
  • Training Toys & Treats – No matter what age your new pet is, you can have fun and teach them new tricks! Lots of great toys and treats available for puppies and kittens that will strengthen the bond between the two of you!
  • Grooming Supplies – A pair of nail clippers for your pet, possibly some shampoo and a brush. Ask pet store or adoption group coordinator if there are any grooming suggestions for the particular animal.
    • Pet Insurance – Pet Insurance is ESSENTIAL to being able to keep your new best friend healthy and happy in your home. And, you’ll feel great signing up with a top customer rated dog and cat insurance company out there such as Healthy Paws Pet Insurance.

    SPECIAL NOTE: Containers are your organizing answer! Youwill need several: one for dog food, one for training treats, one for leashes, brushes and toys. Don’t forget a dog or cat care book. Either get one from the pet store, borrow one from a friend, or go online. If this is your first pet, a book and some sound advice from your more pet saavy friends can help a lot.

    If you adopted your pet, check-in to give them an update on your pet’s progress! They enjoy hearing how the dogs and cats from their shelters and foster homes are doing with their new families, and many times will post success stories. And if you have any questions about how your pet is transitioning, just call them up! They’d rather answer a couple questions than have you worry about your pet.

    Good luck with your new dog or cat (or puppy or kitten)! We’re sure this is just the beginning of a very beautiful friendship to come…

    Stop in to see how J & M Aquatics can help you out!

Adapted from Healthy Paws