Live Aquatic Plants

Live Aquatic Plants

Did you know that we stock a wide variety of live aquatic plants for your aquariums? With new shipments in several times a month you’re sure to find something new, beautiful and exotic to complete your aquascape!

This week’s profile: Moss Balls

Moss balls are becoming more and more popular (see 4 plant in the grouping below).  They photosynthesize and hold up well even with very active fish! They’re actually most closely related to algae and help to reduce nitrates in your aquarium. They act as a filter for phosphates and particulates and provide oxygen for your fish while taking in the carbon dioxide your fish let off. Best of all: once you add them to your aquarium they require NO upkeep!

Just in Live Aquatic Plants:

Live Aquatic Plants Live Aquatic Plants Live Aquatic Plants

Curly Bamboo


Straight Bamboo

Dwarf Lily

Hairgrass Dwarft Mat

Moss Balls

Anubias Hastifolia

Anubias Lanceolota


Cacopa Caroliniana

Cabomba (green, purple)

Creeping Charlie

Narrow Leaf Green Temple

Ludwigia Persuensis, Broadleaf

Golden Nesaea

Brazilian Pennywort

Rotala (indica, wallichii)

Telanthera Rosefolia

Amazon Sword

Anubias Barteri

Anubias Nana Potted

Potted Baby Tears

Cryptocoryne (Lutea, Potted Parva, Potted Wendtii Red)

Potted Elatinoides Glossostigma

Potted Dwarf Hairgrass

Potted Monte Carlo Micranthemum

Potted Narrow Leaf Micro Sword

Potted Med Melon Sword

Potted Oriental Sword

Potted Radican Marble Queen Sword

Potted Dwarf Sagittaria

Vallisneria (Italian, Corkscrew, Jungle)

Blasii and Spiralis Cryptocoryne

Mini Rosette Water Lettuce