Which Pet Best Fits My Personality?

Which Pet Best Fits My Personality?

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When we decided to add a fur baby to our home, we took the time to think about what would be best for us and our lifestyle.  We love dogs, but we travel frequently and knew we wouldn’t be able to take a dog everywhere with us, especially on winter ski trips.  We also love cats and cats are more independent. Two cats means they have a playmate and won’t get bored while we’re gone. Asking someone to check on your cats daily is less of a burden than asking them to watch your dog.  So, we went with cats. However, everyone’s personality is different and finding the right pet for you is important! Take our fun quiz to see which pet is best for you.

When I have free time I am usually…

A. Outside; always always outside! Biking, hiking, camping, you name it!

B. On the couch with a good book, a candle, something cozy.

C. Playing video games, eating pizza, hanging out with friends, cooking

D. Something wild and crazy like sky diving, learning to play the oboe, etc.

When it comes to keeping my house clean…

A. I’m fairly laid back.  I can handle a mess and tend not to freak out about things like that.

B. I like things to stay clean and neat.

C. I clean once a week whether the place needs it or not.

D. I just go with the flow.  Sometimes it’s clean, sometimes it’s messy, but it’s always entertaining!

I travel…

A. not very often and usually am just headed camping with friends

B. frequently, including multiple week-long trips each year

C. I like it at home.

D. I’m up for anything, anytime!

My relationship with food is…

A. I love food! The more food, the better.

B. I eat food because I have to, but I do like to graze throughout the day.

C. I mostly snack on nuts and fruit throughout the day; I’m not a big eater but I do enjoy cooking for others.

D. I’ll try it all! Sushi, ghost peppers, soft cheeses…

One word that best describes me is…

A. loyal

B. unpredictable

C. homebody

D. wild


If you got mostly A’s…A dog best suits you! Just like you an energetic dog loves to be outside, to play, and to enjoy life.  They love food, are loyal, and are up for camping, biking and hiking.  We suggest a breed that likes to run, like a Vizsla, Terrier or cattle dog mix.  However, make sure you discuss getting a dog with the people you live with first!

If you got mostly B’s we think a cat is better for you.  Cats are much more independent, and on those days when you’re cozy on the couch they just might come and sit with you.  Your local shelters probably have lots to choose from, so you can find one that suits you best, even if it’s a hairless one!

If you got mostly C’s a bird or a small pet might be best for you.  Like cats, these animals don’t require as much dedication as a dog.  They keep their mess contained so that you only have to clean their cages once a week, they’re entertaining, but they also won’t interfere with your overall lifestyle.  Unless you like to sleep late…and then they might.

If you got mostly D’s we think you’d enjoy something more exotic! A bearded dragon or small snake even, would be perfect for you.  They’re different, always an interesting topic of conversation, and fairly low-maintenance. Just don’t get a monkey. Those aren’t legal in Colorado!