How to Keep Your Dog Safe This Summer

How to Keep Your Dog Safe This Summer

Summertime means GRILL TIME! We all know how great it is to hang outside in the backyard with your friends and family, drinking a few beers and grilling your favorite foods.  However, if Fido and his buddy Rover are around, you can bet they’re also really interested in what’s cooking on that grill. It’s easy to get distracted or find yourself overwhelmed by multiple dogs trying to get to your steak! So, below we’ve put together several tips for keeping your dog safe this summer, especially around the grill.Dog by the picnic table

1. Keep your dogs far enough away from the grill and campfires to be safe.  If they’re too close to a campfire they could get burned by an ember.  Too close to the grill and they could knock it over playing, get hurt, or cause someone else to get hurt. If you have to, use their leash as a way to keep them under control while you’re grilling.

2. Know how your dog reacts to fireworks. Many dogs are afraid of fireworks and will cower in fear when they hear them.  Others will take off running.  If your dog is either of these, be aware of his or her reaction to fireworks and act accordingly.  One friend of mine actually made a music playlist with techno songs with a strong bass in them.  She played this loudly for the dog while the fireworks were going off and he was fine!

3. Keep your dog hydrated.  You know if we get thirsty just being outside in the heat, your dog does too.  Make sure to keep a nice cold dish of water ready for your dog; you can even add ice cubes to it if you want!

4. Safety/Security.  If you’re having lots of people over for a backyard bbq, be aware of how your pet is most likely to react.  If necessary leave the dog inside during the festivities to protect himself and others.  If he’s prone to running and you know people will be coming in and out of the backyard, consider a long leash as a way to keep Fido safe and in his own backyard.

5. Fun Water Toys.  E-Z Dog has a great selection of fun water toys for dogs.  These are perfect for water loving dogs when you’re at the beach.  They’ll enjoy chasing floating balls, frisbees, and other fun toys.  Make sure your dog wears his doggie life vest (also by E-Z Dog) while he’s playing.

6. No human foods! Unless…There are some fun summer human foods that you can give your dog as a treat.  Make sure these are not seasoned at all!

  • Carrots
  • Grilled unseasoned salmon, chicken, beef
  • Blueberries
  • Watermelon
  • Sweet Potatoes
  • Mango
  • Strawberries
  • Mushrooms