November 30th Saltwater Shipment

November 30th Saltwater Shipment

This last week of November we got in a huge shipment of Saltwater fish and invertebrates! See the full list below.

Saltwater Fish:

Angels: Xanthurus Cream, Bicolor, Coral Beauty, Flame Loriculus, Singapore, Imperator

Evansi Anthias

Basslets: Royal Gramma, Tobacco

Blennies: Striped, Black Comb-Tooth, Forktail

Butterflyfish: Copperband, Longnose

Cardinals: Orange Lined, Pajama Spotted

Damsels: Sergeant Major, Yellowtail, Chromis (half and half, vanderbilt lyretail)

Neon Dottyback

Dragonets: Mandarin green, mandarin red

Filefish: tasseled, orange spot

Yellow Goatfish

Gobies: Pinkbar, Clown, Yellow, Firefish, chinese zebra bar, two spot signal

Crescent Tailed Grouper

Grunts: sweetlip, harlequin spotted

Long nosed hawks

Dwarf, Zebra Lions

Banded Pipefish

Puffers: Blue Dot, Saddle Valentini, Longspined Porcupine

Tangs: Powder Brown, Bristletooth, Tomini, Sailfin

Wrasses: Katherines Fairy Female, Leopard Black, McCoskers Flasher Male, Six Line


Corals: Soft: Toadstool Leather Green Polyp

Corals: LPS: Candy Button, Ancora Hammer Green w/ Purple Tips, Grape Cristata Gold Tip, Plate Neon Orange, Plate Purple and White, Brain Open Red Super, Maze Neon Yellow/Green Corallites, Lordhowensis 1st, Green Whiskers, Grape Cristata Neon Neon Green Tip, Favia Green, Brain War Coral

Corals: SPS: Birdsnest, Red/Pink w/ Yellow Tips

Crabs: Hermit – Red Tip

Assorted Feather dusters

Polyps: Mushroom – Lavender, Hairy

Nassarius and Turbo Snails

Shrimp: Cleaner, Scarlet Skunk, Peppermint, Coral Banded

Stars: Tiger Brittle, Brittle REd

Urchins: Pincushion