Last-Minute Holiday Gifts for Pets and Pet Lovers

Last-Minute Holiday Gifts for Pets and Pet Lovers

If you’re still looking for gift ideas for your favorite fur babies or your favorite pet owners, fear not! There’s still plenty of time to pick up a gift from your favorite local pet store.  We’ve got everything for cats, dogs and their parents, aquarium enthusiasts, small pets and reptiles.  If an actual pet is on your list this year for someone, we’ve got those too.  We always have a selection of gerbils and hamsters on hand, usually rabbits, various reptiles, and we even often have a cat or two up for adoption from one of the local shelters.  This changes frequently though, so we can’t guarantee what will be in the store from one day to the next!

For Dogs and Dog Owners

We’ve got a large selection of leashes and harnesses perfect for all sized dogs and their owners. Hands-free leashes, ones with lights for safer walking early in the morning and evenings, and leashes perfect for training new puppies are in stock!  These make great gifts for new dog owners, along with perhaps a copy of Cesar Millan’s training guides and some treats (for the pup!)

We also have a large selection of dog beds, for all size dogs, and toys galore!

Our line of Super Snouts Hemp Products for dogs are currently $3 off and our Bixbi Pet Functional Healthy Jerky Treats are $2 off! Great stocking stuffers!











For Cats and Cat Owners

Interactive wand toys are a great choice for both cats and their owners! These are a great way for cats to get exercise and some one-on-one time with their owner.

For your own cat, consider a new cat tower or scratching post, protein-rich treats, or a new toy like a cat mat or foil toys to chase around the house.

For aquatics enthusiasts

We’ve got a sale right now on Fluval lights – they’re all 15% off! We also have nano aquariums on special, which are great for smaller fish, feeder shrimp, etc.  These work great as desktop aquariums too!  We’ve got tanks of all sizes, up to 125 gallons on sale, plus lots of new fish in to fill those tanks with.  Grab some aquarium decorations and you’re all set to surprise your favorite aquarium lover with a whole new set up!

For small pets

Guinea pigs make great pets; call us today to see if we have one in stock and plan to surprise a child with a new guinea pig, cage, toys and more! Already have small pets? Pick up some new chew toys for the gerbils and treats for your birds so everyone gets something new for Christmas.

For reptiles

Even your bearded dragon loves a new rock to crawl on, plant to hide under, or a new heating lamp to provide extra warmth this time of year. We’ve also got plenty of food for your scaly buddies too! Crickets galore!

Whatever pet you’ve got or whoever you’re looking to find something for, if they have pets, or even an outdoor pond, we bet we can help you find just the right gift at our store.  Come see us at 2851 1/2 North Avenue in Grand Junction!