Organizing Your Pet Toys

Organizing Your Pet Toys

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Spring is not only a great time for home spring cleaning, it’s a great time for your pet’s spring cleaning as well.  Just like you, our pets like a clean and fresh place to sleep and new toys with which to play.  It’ll also make your own life easier if their toys, leashes, outdoor gear, and cleaning items are all neatly stored.  We’ve got tips here on organizing your pet’s toys and other gear too!

First, clean out: Get rid of toys that are mostly destroyed, that your pet doesn’t show any interest in, or ones they’ve outgrown.

Next, clean up: Wash bedding if you can, or at least vacuum out the cat bed and freshen it up.  Empty out litter boxes and wash those too and make sure your dog’s outdoor shelter is cleaned up.  This is a great time to wash the inside of the dog house too.

Then, organize:

  1. Consider a shoe holder. The one shown here hangs on the back of a pantry door and is a great place to store small bags of cat treats, harnesses and leashes, nail clippers, small cans of food, catnip, etc.  For dogs you can also store their dog shoes here, shampoos, etc.Organize your pet's toys
  2.  Baskets are great! Use baskets for storing indoor dog and cat toys.  Yes, even cats can be trained to get toys from a toy basket.  They may not always put them back, but they know toys are in there and will go get a new one when they want something different to play with.  Dogs can absolutely be trained to get out toys and put them back. Plus, baskets are easy.  When you’re vacuuming just throw everything back in the basket and you’re done!
  3. Use hanging storage: For larger items like your dog’s life jacket, utilize hanging storage in your garage or carport. Getting items off the floor automatically makes a home feel neater.

Finally, find something new:

Pets always love a new toy.  It doesn’t have to be anything expensive.  Small toys like this one (below) are great for keeping indoor cats active, and even something like a new Kong chew toy will make a dog of any size happy!

organize your pet's toys