Adopt a Shelter Cat Month

Adopt a Shelter Cat Month

June is adopt a shelter cat month and we’d like to share with you some of the many reasons why we support groups like CLAWS and believe in the need to adopt shelter cats. 

Don’t forget: anytime you make a purchase at our store, we’ll donate 10% of that amount to CLAWS, Grand Valley Pit Crew, or Roice-Hurst. All you have to do is say ‘please put that on the CLAWS account.’ That’s it! It’s that simple to help support these shelters; they’re doing awesome work and dont’ get recognized enough for it.

At J&M you’ll often find cats there waiting for their furever homes. These aren’t “for sale” cats. They’re cats that have been brought in by CLAWS, Grand River Humane Society, or Roice-Hurst for the purpose of adoption.  There are often kittens, but there are also older cats who, for whatever reason, no longer have a place. These cats have often been surrendered by owners who’ve gotten too old to care for them, or people who’ve moved. They are used to families and miss that connection that they once had. 

Often we hear “well we want a free kitten” but truly there are no “free” kittens. This chart below, posted by CLAWS and other groups, shows that a “free” kitten isn’t all it’s cracked up to be:

Adopting a cat that has its first shots, has already been spayed or neutered, and is microchipped can be a huge relief. To start your life with your new cat you don’t have to immediately take them to the vet – that’s already been done! You can schedule a checkup and in the meantime enjoy getting to know your best new feline friend. 

If you leave in Grand Junction, come by the store and see the cats we’ve got for adoption.  If you live down in the Montrose/Ridgway area, the Second Chance Humane Society in Ridgway often has a selection of cats that need adopting as well.  Visit the CLAWS website here to see other cats that need adopting or to find out how to donate.