Pumpkin for Pets

Pumpkin for Pets

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Weruva has been making great products for cats and dogs since 2006.  In that time they’ve worked hard to develop formulas that are tasty and healthy for all of your fur babies. We wanted to share their recent promotion about pumpkin for pets. Pumpkin is a great addition to your pets’ foods and as Weruva explains below, it has lots of health benefits:

(2) Kinds of fibers to help your pet’s digestive system:

  1. Soluble Fibers
    • Soluble fiber absorbs water in the stool, helping with runny poops
  2. Insoluble Fibers
    • Insoluble fibers do not absorb water which helps to hydrate stool to avoid constipation

Weight Control
Pumpkin is a SUPER low calorie topper to add to meal time!
Hairball Reduction
Those fibers assist in passing hairballs and other undesirables your pet may have decided were tasty.
Vitamins & Minerals
Pumpkin has more potassium than a banana! It is full of vitamins and minerals.
Managing Blood Sugar
Pumpkin has a low glycemic index and glycemic load to help maintain blood sugar levels.


To feed it to your pets: you can mix it in with their wet food or add it as a topper to their dry food. You can provide it as a tasty snack for kitties in the afternoons, or freeze it in a KONG toy as a cool treat on a hot day for your pup!  You can also look for Weruva’s formulas, like their canned Wok the Dog formula that has beef, pumpkin, and chicken already in it. For cats, consider the Who Wants to be a Meowionaire pate with chicken and pumpkin. Your pets will love it and you’ll love its health benefits!


If you’re still not sure which pumpkin treats will work best for your dog, come in and browse the store. Our employees can help you find the right supplements or formulas for all of your pet’s health needs.

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