CBD Benefits for Pets

CBD Benefits for Pets

You’ve probably seen our store displaces for products like Hemp Honey and Super Snouts CBD items in our store. However, you may still be wondering how CBD can be beneficial to your dog or cat. CBD has been shown to have several beneficial effects for pets, just as it does for humans. It is NOT the same as THC and will not get your pet “stoned.” THC is a separate compound found in Cannabis plants.  CBD used for pets is often taken from the Hemp plant anyway.

First, CBD is great for anxiety in pets. So if your pet suffers from separation anxiety when you’re gone (destructive behavior, barking, whining, etc) CBD can help calm them down.  It can also be useful for noise anxiety and will keep pets calmer during thunderstorms or fireworks.

Next, CBD can help with seizures. There are many reasons for seizures in pets, from epilepsy to various diseases and tumors, but in any of these cases CBD can help to lessen the effects of those seizures in your dogs.

Another great way CBD can help your pets is to relieve pain: pain from arthritis, inflammation, and nerve related pain can all be lessened with the help of a pet-specific CBD product.

The infographic below, from cannabissupplementsforpets.com, shows even more ways CBD products can help your dog or cat be happier and healthier.

CBD benefits for pets