Treat Training Tips for you and your dog

Treat Training Tips for you and your dog

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“Sit!”  “Stay!” “Come!” The commands we teach our pets can be not just useful, but lifesaving.  Training your dog takes time, effort and patience, for you and your four-legged companion. One way to make training time a little bit easier is with treats. Below we’ll provide some treat training tips for you and your dog. 

For Command Training Sessions

First, keep your training sessions short.  10-15 minutes of focused training for commands like sit, stay, and come, are plenty.  You want your dog to see this as a fun thing, not as school.  Make sure your dog is calm and relaxed before beginning any training session.

For training sessions like these, consider using Freeze Dried Primal Munchies or Red Bull Bully Nuggets as training aids.  When your pet follows a command correctly, he gets a treat (or even part of a treat).  Primal’s Freeze Dried munchies have just ONE ingredient and come in great flavors like pork liver.  Red Barn’s Bully Nuggets, dipped in homemade Red Barn gravy, promote joint health as well as providing a great reward for a job well done!

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Treat Training Tips for Leash and Walking 

Leash training, teaching your dog to walk at a good pace without pulling on the leash or reacting poorly to other dogs, takes time. You can make these sessions easier by using treats.  Something easy to break into smaller pieces like Stella & Chewy Wild Weenies, are a good option.  For instance, if you have a dog that tends to pull on the leash, stop walking when he does that. When he FINALLY he makes it 200 yards without pulling, give him a small bit of a treat. These treats are ONLY used for leash training. That way he’ll know when he does something right while walking, he’ll get those! 

Treat Training on Long Hikes

I have a friend who has a beagle named Norbert. Norbert’s nose leads him all over creation on long hikes. We use treats to keep Norbert coming back to us on long hikes.  He knows when he comes trotting back to us he gets a treat. However, because we don’t want to give him more calories than he needs, we use biscuits that are easy to break apart like Fromm’s Salmon with Sweet Potato biscuits or Stella and Chewy Freeze Dried biscuits.  Norbert keeps coming back even when we’re basically just giving him crumbs! 

treat training tips

Finally, after a long day of fun activity, if your dog has been especially good, consider giving him a bully stick from Red Barn.  These are great chewing options that will keep your dog happy and occupied while he rests up from his long day of playing.