Clownfish; Tropical Saltwater Fish in Grand Junction

Clownfish; Tropical Saltwater Fish in Grand Junction

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We’ve got Clownfish and other Tropical Saltwater Fish in stock! Clownfish are a hardy fish and great for beginning reef fish hobbyists. Clownfish are a great addition to beginner reef aquariums, but be careful of which clownfish you choose. The “nemo” ocellaris Clownfish is a great option because it is bred in captivity, used to home aquarium conditions, and will get along well with other captive-bred clownfish.  Check out our Maroon clownfish here.

Other fish that work well for starter reef aquariums include: Blennies and Gobies – These two are hardy, peaceful fish who will do well in community aquariums as long as they have plenty of hiding places.  Broadleaf plants or even decorative rocks are good options. Cardinal Fish – Cardinal fish are peaceful and beautiful. They’ll add lots of color and interest to your aquarium.

Finally, Wrasses are another good option. They’re bottom dwellers who enjoy burrowing in the sand/gravel at the bottom of their tank. They’re can be territorial, but are usually non-confrontational and will keep to themselves.

At J&M Aquatics and Pet Center we have a plethora of saltwater tropical fish for your aquariums. Along with the above, we have tangs, discus, angelfish, corals and inverts too! You’ll find starfish, crabs, shrimp, and all sorts of anemones and corals too.  We pride ourselves on providing healthy reef aquarium fish and can even help with maintenance on your existing tanks. If you’ve got questions about saltwater tropical fish, contact us!