Aquarium Lovers Gift Ideas plus ideas for reptile lovers too!

Aquarium Lovers Gift Ideas plus ideas for reptile lovers too!

If you’re still struggling with what to get the aquarium lover in your life, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered with great gift ideas for aquarium enthusiasts and their colorful pets.  We’ve even included some ideas for reptile lovers too!

First, if you know nothing about fish keeping or what an aquarium lover might need for his or her tank, a gift card is a great place to start. You can also ask our employees and they’ll be able to help you with other ideas like…

aquarium lovers gift ideas

  1. LED Lighting Systems – Fluval has a great selection of lighting systems and the newer ones are pretty high tech. Most can be controlled from an app on a smartphone, so your friend or loved one can change lighting settings while still sitting in their favorite easy chair.  The one shown here is great for planted tank enthusiasts. aquarium lover gift ideas
  2. Consider tank decorations – if your aquarium lover gift ideas have hit a brick wall, wander through our section with plant decor. You might find a fun item like a pirate ship or castle, that will be perfect for your friend’s tank!  These aren’t just for show. Decorations provide cover and playgrounds for the fish in your loved one’s tank. fish castle
  3. If your friend has tanks at home, but not at work, consider a nano tank.  These small tanks are suitable for desktops or small offices and can be a new fun option for your fish loving friend. One like this MarineLand 5 gallon tank is beautiful and will be perfect for plants and a few shrimp and snails or a betta fish. nano tank
  4. A good option for almost any aquarium lover is a tool set. These are great for moving around decorations and rock, snipping plants, and removing debris. aquarium tool kit
  5. Finally, if you know your aquariums, your fish, and your person, get them a new fish or plants for their tank! This a great option only if you know for sure that their tank can handle another fish and you know what type of fish to get. Do not attempt this one if you are inexperienced with this hobby.  We’ve got a huge selection of plants, corals and fish though! Stop in and see what’s in stock right now. We guarantee we can help you find a great gift for your aquarium lover!

saltwater fish

6. If your friends love reptiles more than they love fish or furry pets, we can help with that too. Exo-Terra hideouts are a GREAT option for reptile lovers! Even if they’ve already got a hideout for their pet, being able to change it out with a new one is fun for them and their pets. primate skulltortoise cave

7. If you know they’re interested in expanding their pet collection, an Exo-Terra terrarium might be a good choice. If this is a loved one you know very well, you might even go ahead and stock that terrarium with whatever pet they’ve had in mind, like this Pueblan Milk Snake or the Yellow Leopard Gecko below it.

We hope these ideas will help you find some great gifts for Aquarium Lovers and gifts for Reptile lovers too.  If you need any help ask one of our friendly employees and they’ll be sure to help you find a great gift! Stop in and see us at 2851 1/2 North Avenue in Grand Junction, Colorado.