My cat won’t stop meowing

My cat won’t stop meowing

We’ve all been there.  You’re watching TV, sleeping, or entertaining guests when your cat starts meowing. She meows and meows and sounds more and more forlorn. At some points she even sounds like something is wrong! But you can see her sitting there, staring at you. She can see you.  So, if you’re ready to scream to anyone who will listen, “My cat won’t stop meowing!” we have tips for you.

First, definitely make sure there isn’t anything physically wrong with your cat. Does she have a hurt paw? Is her appetite normal? Are her bathroom habits normal? If you’ve eliminated these as possibilities for the meowing, let’s look at other options.  Is she hungry? Did you try a snack?

It’s possible your cat just likes to talk. Our cats both do.  Phoebe talks in little tweets and barks when she sees birdies, she has a little insistent “ME-AH” that she lets out when she’s ready for you to feed her or when she’s impatient with us. Monica meows.  Often. She does this at night when she’s “hunting” after we turn out the lights. She’ll wander through the house meowing and eventually come back to bed with a toy she’s found for us. That meowing isn’t bothersome and perhaps that’s all your cat does. Some breeds, like Siamese cats, are more prone to “talking” than others.

my cat won't stop meowing

Often cats are bored. This is Monica’s problem during the day. Her best friend and sister Phoebe likes to nap and if she naps while Monica is bored, the meowing starts. Then the ‘crazies’ happen and Monica meows MORE. So how do we solve this boredom? There are toys that work wonders for cat boredom. Little foil balls or rolling balls, anything with feathers, and wand toys can be great for entertaining cats.

Another fun option we’ve found is a fort. Cats like exploring and they like the idea of hiding.  So we often treat them like we would treat kids: we build a fort by draping blankets over the coffee table, the couch, etc.  Miraculously the meowing often stops!

Finally, sometimes Monica just wants attention.  She loves her brushing time and if we get out her favorite brush she’ll stop meowing and run to the living room where she loves to lay on the carpet and purr while we brush her. Maybe your cat just wants attention and doesn’t know how else to ask for it.

If you’ve tried all these things and your cat STILL won’t stop meowing? It’s time to take her to the vet.