Planted Tanks: Create a beautiful environment for your fish

Planted Tanks: Create a beautiful environment for your fish

Planted tanks can be a spectacular way to show off not only a school of beautiful fish, but beautiful plans as well. However, if you think your current planted tank is underwhelming, we’ve got some tips for you from Fluval.  To watch their full video on taking planted tanks from ordinary to extraordinary, click here. 


First, maintenance is going to be key to any tank, especially planted ones.  We suggest making water changes at least once a week, cleaning the glass to keep it free of algae, etc.  If you’re using gravel, you might also consider a gravel vacuum.  You’ll also want to test your water to ensure that all levels (pH, nitrates, etc) are where they should be.  Following a good maintenance plan means you’ll get rid of waste and replenish useful bacteria to keep your tank healthy. Fluval has a great line of water care products here.


Next, a good filter goes a long way.  A canister filter like the Fluval 107 provides more water flow and cleans more effectively than the standard clip-onfilter that might come with an aquarium kit.

Planted Tanks


The white LEDs that might come with a standard aquarium kit are fine for looking at fish, but if you want a planted tank you’ll want to switch to something like the Plant 3.0 or AquaSky from Fluval.  The Plant 3.0 in particular is great for providing the right conditions for plant growth in your aquarium.


Decor starts with the right base. A good substrate for plants is one like Fluval’s Stratum. It’s nutrient rich and will allow plants to develop larger and healthier root systems than gravel will. You can also take the added step of including a CO2 kit.  You can learn more about why Fluval recommends that in this video. 

planted tank example

Final Steps

Finally, your fish! A planted aquarium can be beautiful on its own, but with the addition of a colorful schooling fish like tetras or rasboras, you can truly have something spectacular.  Keep a set of plant tools handy for sculpting plants and make sure to feed your fish a yummy diet that includes Bug Bites.  These bring out the fish’s prey instincts!

If you are looking for plants to add to your aquarium, we have lots! Check out a selection of them here and then stop by the store at 2851 1/2 North Avenue, in Grand Junction, to see more.