Should I Get a Pet Sitter?

Should I Get a Pet Sitter?

Often when we’re traveling, we’re able to take our pups (and cats) with us.  It’s great fun to take the adventure kitties camping or watch Fido explore new places.  However, there are also times when it’s best to leave our furbabies behind.  Maybe you’re flying somewhere or the activities involved in this trip aren’t pet friendly.  What should you do then? There are several options including boarding, but for this post we’re considering the Pet Sitter. 

Should I get a Pet Sitter?

If that’s a question you’ve asked lately, then the answer is probably yes. Now, your answer to a “pet sitter” might be the neighbor’s daughter, and that’s fine. When we say “pet sitter” we basically mean someone who can come to your house and give your pets their food and water, plus some attention, while you’re gone. 

Why a pet sitter vs boarding? Boarding is great for some dogs. They love the friends they have there and they get lots of exercise! However, pet sitters might be better if you have a pet who:

  • doesn’t get along well with other dogs
  • has anxiety when he or she is away from home
  • is very young or very old
  • has health issues

All of the above are great reasons to hire someone to come to your house and watch your pet. They can take the dog on long walks or hikes if thShould I get a pet sitter J&M Aquatics and Pet Center Grand Junction Pet Storeat’s what he’s used to, or they can just hang out for a few hours and provide some much needed cuddle time. 

What about cats?

People often think, “Oh you’ve got cats; you can just leave them!” Well you could. But you’d come home to some overflowing and gross litter boxes and some angry cats. Our cats are very used to their routine: they get a treat every afternoon, their litter boxes get cleaned every day (more than once usually), and they like to play.  Therefore, it’s essential for us to have a pet sitter when we’re gone for several days. If we’re just gone overnight then we know the cats will be fine. However, for multi-day trips we have a college student who stays at our house. We’re not saying you have to go to that extreme, but it works for us. 

Having a pet sitter means you have peace of mind. Your pet is safe at home, someone is checking on him, and you know he’s getting some undivided attention. So the next time you ask yourself, “Should I get a pet sitter” the answer is probably YES.