Your First Aquarium: How to get started

Your First Aquarium: How to get started

Everyone’s advice right now is to “start a new hobby”! If you feel like you need a new hobby we’ve got one for you: tropical fish.  If you’re interested in a fun hobby that has almost instant results, lowers stress, and is beautiful, an aquarium is for you! If this is your first aquarium, never fear. We’re breaking starting your first aquarium down into some easy steps.

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Step 1: What kind of fish do you want to keep? Your options are freshwater or saltwater. You may also consider just a planted tank of live aquatic plants, but it’ll look much cooler with some fish added.  Saltwater tanks can be a bit more complex to manage and their reef lighting and filtration systems are a bit more high-tech than those of freshwater tanks.  If you’re into tech anyway, these may be for you. However, freshwater tanks, especially with aquatic plants, can be perfect for your first aquarium. A planted tank with a school of rasboras or neon tetras and a few bottom dwellers can look amazing!

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Next, you need to think about the size of tank you want. There are small nano tanks perfect for your desktop.  There are 250 gallon tanks; there are the “in between” 25 – 100 gallon tanks. You can find many of these as kits that come with a filter and basic lighting, a skimmer, etc. We have lots of aquarium kits in stock and are happy to explain to you the benefits of each size tank. Smaller ones definitely require less upkeep, but also limit the amount of fish you can have. However, if you have limited space or really want to ease into this hobby, a nano tank with some small shrimp can be a great way to go!

Finally, you’ll need to decide what fish you want to keep. You can read more about aquarium fish for beginners with reef aquariums here.

For info on top fish for desktop aquariums, click here.

We can help you determine ALL of the above: what type of aquarium to start with, the size, and what fish will work well together. We can even help you pick out plants, food, and other necessities for your first aquarium. Stop by and see us at 2851 1/2 North Avenue in Grand Junction to get started with your new hobby!