Separation Anxiety Symptoms

Separation Anxiety Symptoms

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Does your pet seem to suffer from separation anxiety? It can happen unexpectedly, especially now when we’ve all been at home so much more than usual. First, if you notice any new or strange behavior in your pet, schedule a checkup with your vet. 

separation anxiety symptoms

Some separation anxiety symptoms for pets include: 



Acting out

Using the bathroom inside the house (for dogs) or outside the litter box (for cats)

Destroying items in your house

Not eating


Only eating when you’re there

Anxious postures 


Anything out of the ordinary as far as behavior can indicate separation anxiety in your pet 


separation anxiety symptoms


Some ways to help your pet include


  • Special playtime as soon as you get home
  • New toys to protect against boredom when you’re gone
  • Calming chews or drops
  • Try leaving just for a few minutes and then returning so they get used to you coming and going again

If you think separation anxiety is a problem for your pet, call your vet and then come by and pick up some new toys and treats for your favorite pet!