Outdoor Pond Fish

Outdoor Pond Fish

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We just got in a new shipment of outdoor pond fish from Ozark Fisheries.  Outdoor ponds are a great way to add a beautiful feature to your yard.  The running water is also great for birds and will attract beautiful dragonflies and butterflies.

Typical outdoor pond fish include:

outdoor pond fish


Outdoor pond fish

Sarasa (Fantail) Comets


and Butterfly Koi.

All of these are beautiful fish to add to any outdoor pond.

Before you start buying fish, figure out the location and type of outdoor pond you’ll have. Some are quite simple with just a little ripple of water from a small pump. Others can be elaborate, with waterfalls and lots of plants. We believe adding plants to your outdoor pond, like water lilies and cattails, for example, is beneficial. Water hyacinths and Water Lettuce are great additions for small ponds. For slightly larger ponds consider adding creeping jenny as well.  The plants provide cover for fish and keep the water temperature cooler. Their shade helps to keep algae from growing in your pond too.

Your pond fish will be happy to get some pellet food from you each day and they’ll also happily munch on insects that land on the water. They’ll also eat caddisflies, mayflies, and even tadpoles.

We found a few great examples of outdoor ponds and koi ponds on Pinterest:

You can see this pond has a variety of plants, two sources of running water, and lots of interesting features. It clearly has a professional look to it!


Another great example of a spectacular outdoor pond is this picture from Empressofdirt.com.  She has a great tutorial here on how to start a pond in your backyard.

If you need help with your pond, be sure to come by and see us! J&M Aquatics and Pet Center has lots of outdoor pond supplies, fish and plants! We can help you get your pond looking great!