Cat Enrichment: My Cat is Still Bored!

Cat Enrichment: My Cat is Still Bored!

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If you’ve been working from home you may have noticed a feline walking across your laptop, sitting on your planner, and generally being a PAIN. More than likely your cat just wants some attention and is bored. We’ve addressed this issue before, but there are always new ideas out there to help with cat boredom!

In this latest blog about cat enrichment ideas, we’ll use Monica and Phoebe as our models. Monica and Phoebe are sisters; they are domestic short-haired kitties and are often described as “tuxedo cats.” They’re 3 years old.

First, having TWO cats cuts way down on boredom. Cats can play together, as seen here, and enjoy chasing each other and working on their fighting skills (but with no claws out!)

cat enrichment

Trust me, no cats were harmed and Monica ended up chasing Phoebe down the hall! So, if you only have one cat, you might consider getting another one…

Next, cats LOVE catnip toys! Ours will get their toys out of their toy box and play with them.  Here you see Phoebe with two of her favorite YEOWWW catnip toys.

She will spend quite a bit of time rolling around with these, chewing on them and licking them. She’ll lay on them, drag them around the house, etc. These toys are great for cat enrichment!

cat enrichment

If you’ve got those things already and you still need more, consider some new furniture. Cat scratching posts are great, but if they come with a new set of hammocks, hidey-holes, and platforms to explore? Yes, please!

cat tower

Finally, good old fashioned homemade toys often work wonders. Ours love to chase golf balls, golf wiffle balls, foil balls, and toilet paper rolls. These are easy to get or make and will help to give your indoor cat some exercise too.

Still need ideas? Consider Cat TV! I’d make sure your TV is secured to a wall or something though, because mine often want to go over the birdies they see on these!