Reef Aquarium Set up and Maintenance

Reef Aquarium Set up and Maintenance

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We’ve got 3 great videos for you this week on Reef Aquarium Set up and Maintenance. The folks at Fluval make great aquarium products and produce excellent videos on how to use those products and care for the fish you purchase. Below we’ve included 2 Fluval videos. The first is on setting up a saltwater tank.  It includes information on all the basics, from where you place the tank to the right water to use.

Video #2 in our series on reef aquarium set up and maintenance focuses on water care for your saltwater tanks. This video from Fluval discusses the supplements that you need to keep your fish and corals happy and healthy.

In the last video, Tom from Fluval provides tips on marine tank maintenance. “Maintenance is key” to having a successful reef tank!

If you’re looking for new corals or fish for your saltwater tank, we offer a large selection of hard and soft corals.  We also get in new shipments, weekly, of great saltwater fish for your tanks.

For more information on the types of fish to put in your saltwater tank, check out our blog on Starter Fish for Reef Aquariums . If you have questions about your fish tank, whether it’s freshwater or saltwater, be sure to come in and see us. We’re happy to answer all your aquatics questions! 2851 1/2 North Avenue, in Grand Junction, Colorado.