Pets and Camping

Pets and Camping

Though for many camping season is over, for a lot of us it’s still going strong! There’s at least another month of great camping to be had in the mountains, and after that the southwest and southern states are fair game. For that reason we want to take a few minutes to write about pets and camping. Many campers are now bringing along not only their dogs, but also their cats and there are some important things to keep in mind when camping with your furry friends.

Before you go

Make sure your pets are up-to-date on any shots they receive and make sure that they have current id tags and microchips, just in case. 

While on the road

When traveling to and from your camping areas, keeping your pet comfortable is important. EzyDog has great harnesses and seat options for your pups, and Bergen has great carriers for your cats.  We stock items from both of these dealers in the store. This way your pet can enjoy the ride, too! Make sure to take frequent stops for potty breaks and, if your cat isn’t used to going outdoors, have a small litter box with a lid available for him or her to use.  While you’re out of the vehicle with your pets make sure to keep the cats and dogs leashed! 

Treats, toys and water are road trip necessities too! Just like kids your pets get bored and want to play! Make sure to have a few new toys for them that they’ll be able to use in the car or truck. 

At Camp

When it comes to tips for pets and camping, the campground tips seem most important. Make sure to check for any specific rules, like not tying anything to trees, quiet hours, etc., and know that these apply to your pets too. Many state park campgrounds will say that your dog has to be on a 6′ or shorter leash so that they can’t just run out to the edge of your campsite and greet passersby. 

It’s important to make sure your pups have been socialized. While your cat may be content to lounge outside, or sleep inside, your pup is going to be interested in every person and dog that walks by. Your dogs need to be under leash and voice command if you’re going to camp in popular campgrounds. 

If it gets cold at night where you’re camping, make sure your pets have plenty of warm blankets and maybe even a vest or jacket to wear in the cool early mornings. 

Definitely take your pets inside with you at night. The last thing you want is for a wild animal to approach your pet while it’s leashed up and unable to run or defend itself well. Best to be on the safe side and have your pet indoors with you! 

When Adventuring

On long hikes while camping make sure to have plenty of food and snacks for your pets and be sure to have a way to carry your cat if he or she gets tired. 

If you’re looking for supplies for your next pet camping trip, come see us! We’ve got a great selection of foods, leashes, carriers and so much more!