Fall Hikes with your Dogs

Fall Hikes with your Dogs

We love hiking in the fall for so many reasons. The leaves are beautiful, the temperatures are cooler, and everything just looks lovely.  Taking fall hikes with your dogs is a great way to get both you and them some fresh air and exercise. We’ve got five tips to make fall hikes with your dogs even better.

First, if you’re hiking in the woods on public land, or even on private land this time of year, make sure your dog has an orange, pink, or bright collar and vest.  We certainly don’t want your pup mistaken for a deer by a hunter! Make sure you, too are wearing bright colors.

Fall Hikes with Dogs

Second, keep your dog on a leash. We know you want to let them run free, and if you have acres and acres of safe land on which to do that, great! Most of us don’t have that luxury, however, and keeping them close to you means keeping them safe from unseen hazards like old wells, traps, cacti, and more. If you need a new leash system or harness, we stock a large variety of Ezy-Dog products.

Third, stay hydrated! Even though the temperatures are cooler, you’re still expending lots of energy on hikes and you need to stay hydrated. Make sure that, on fall hikes with your dogs, both you and your pups have plenty of water. We stock collapsible, easy-to-pack water bowls too!

Fourth, take some snacks. Taking a break to enjoy the scenery around you and catch your breath is a great option on a fall hike. Doing so with a little snack for you and a very good boy is even better.  We know your dogs have earned it!

Finally, if you know you’ll be hiking over rough terrain, consider shoes for your pup. Sure they may walk funny for a few minutes, but these shoes can help protect their feet from cuts, thorns, and other potential hazards.

If you need any help finding the right products to make your fall hikes even better, give us a call or come see us! We’d love to help.