Fall Cleaning Checklist for your aquarium

Fall Cleaning Checklist for your aquarium

Just like spring cleaning with your home, it’s good to have a certain time of the year to do a quick check of all things related to your fish tank. The list we’ve included below is mostly for marine tanks, but many of the same concepts and ideas can be used for checking and cleaning your freshwater tank too.  Use this fall cleaning checklist for your aquarium as a guide to keeping your fish and aquatic plants happy and healthy. 

First, test your water parameters. We have a few blogs on specific levels for pH, nitrogen, etc. and you can read one of those here. 

Next, inspect all of your equipment: filters, pumps, lighting systems, to make sure everything is working properly. 

Third, soak and clean your aquarium’s powerheads and pumps. These can get grimy over time. 

Next, if you’re using dosing containers, refill those. 

Then check your RO/DI cartridges and, if necessary, go ahead and replace those. 

Replace or clean any probes or sensors you’re using and calibrate the probes.

Replace your filter media. 

Clean your mechanical filter’s sponges, etc. 

Remove any salt creep that has grown on your lighting system. 

Change your water (whatever % you usually do)

And clean your aquarium glass. 

fall cleaning checklist for aquariums

For Freshwater fall cleaning checklists for your aquariums, we’d add that you should trim any aquatic plants you have growing, and fertilize them. Inspect and clean any tubing, and again, check all your equipment to make sure it’s in working order. 


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