Cats and Hairball Prevention

Cats and Hairball Prevention

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Let’s face it: there may be no more awful pet sound than that of a cat throwing up a hairball. I always feel so terrible for my poor cat after that happens! She looks pitiful for a few minutes and then walks away like nothing ever happened! 

So how can you deal with cats and hairball prevention? There are several things that might help!

First, make sure you brush your cat every day and, during high shedding seasons, twice a day. Our cat loves a brush/glove, but the Furminator is a great option too, especially for long-haired cats and those with thick undercoats. If your cat doesn’t seem to enjoy it at first, reward him or her with a treat after they get brushed. Set a specific time each day, maybe after dinner, and make brushing part of their daily routine. 

Consider hairball treats. J&M Aquatics and Pet Center stocks several different types of treats and gels that can help prevent hairballs. Many of these have fiber in them and a lubricant like Laxatone or fish oil. These products together aid in digestion and help to prevent hairballs. 

Another option, especially if your cat is picky and doesn’t like the treats, is to give your cat a little bit of coconut oil or pumpkin each day. The pumpkin provides fiber, the coconut oil provides a little extra lubrication for their digestive systems. The one drawback to coconut oil is that it contains a lot of calories, so only use it in small does like 1/4 tsp at a time. If it’s warm enough and your coconut oil isn’t solidified, you can mix it right in with their wet food and they probably won’t even notice! The same goes with the pumpkin. Just mix some in with their food and they’ll get extra fiber and vitamins and hopefully have fewer hairballs! 

One final option: if your cat seems to be grooming excessively, try to distract them. Use a toy or laser to keep them preoccupied in the evenings as a way to keep them from over-grooming and ingesting too much hair.  Unfortunately cats and hairballs often go hand in hand. We hope these tips can help to eliminate at least some of your hairball problems!

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