What to buy for your new pet

What to buy for your new pet

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2020 was the year of the pet, according to various news articles. If you’re one of the lucky families who adopted a new pet this year, congrats! Pets bring all sorts of joy and comfort and fun into your life! They’re entertaining, give kids a sense of responsibility, and give adults something to take care of. Sometimes when we’re all feeling like there’s nothing to do and nothing to look forward to, a pet can make a huge difference!

Now that you’ve adopted a new pet, you need to think of what to buy for your new pet. Each pet will need different items, which we’ll discuss, but in general: food, toys, a place to sleep/live, and special accessories pretty much cover the basics.

Caring for your pet's teeth

For dogs:

Lots of people adopted new dogs this year! For dogs, in addition to food, and a leash, you’ll need:

  • a dog bed
  • a crate (optional)
  • toys to chew on so they don’t chew up your shoes
  • treats for training
  • food and water bowls
  • a book on dog training (optional)

For cats:

Cats don’t need leashes, unless you’re planning to turn yours into an adventure cat, but they do need:

  • a high protein food (there are plenty of debates on wet or dry, but we like a mix of both)
  • treats
  • a cat tower or something to climb on and scratch
  • litter box and litter
  • toys to chase
  • a cat bed or warm place to sleep

cat tower

For reptiles:

Reptiles and amphibians can be great fun! Most will need:

  • a terrarium with a heat lamp
  • faux plants and accessories that provide places to hide (Exo-Terra has great options and we have them in store)
  • food and treats

For small pets:

Like reptiles, small pets will need an appropriate cage and also:

  • appropriate toys to chew on (you can also use paper towel rolls)
  • food and treats
  • material to line their cage
  • food and water bowls

For fish:

If you got a new fish tank and fish for Christmas, congrats! Wondering what to buy for your new pet? We suggest:

  • Fun aquarium accessories like a castle or pirate ship
  • Plants (if it’s a freshwater tank)
  • A great lighting system
  • Appropriate food for your type of fish
  • A bottom dweller, if you don’t already have one, for helping to keep your tank clean
  • Tank cleaning tools

What to buy for your new pet

If you’ve gotten a new pet but are unsure what toys to buy or which food is best, come see us! We’d love to help!