Top Plants for Betta Fish Tanks

Top Plants for Betta Fish Tanks

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Betta fish love the addition of plants in their aquariums. They not only help to purify the water, but they provide a fun and enriching environment for your fish. PLUS they look great. Below are some easy-to-care for plants for your Betta Fish Tanks.

Moss Balls

Moss Balls are one of my favorite plants. I just love the look of them. They make great places for fish to hide behind and swim around and they’re just…cool looking! Place them in parts of your tank that don’t get as much light and voila! That’s it!

MOss Balls

Java Fern

Java Fern is great for adding hiding places for your fish. It comes in several varieties, from needle leaf to broadleaf. You can either attach it to driftwood or rocks with super glue gel, or, if you get it in a small pot, you can drop the pot right into a cool decorative planter like this Groot one!

(that’s not java fern in the planter)

Water Sprite 

Water Sprite is an easy-to-grow stem plant that you can either plant into the substrate or just let float. It’s fast growing and will help to absorb nitrogen compounds in the water. It also gives your fish a fun place to play and hide!

water sprite


Vallisneria, once established, will spread like crazy! It will create a really cool jungle type tank for your fish and they’ll enjoy swimming in and out of the leaves of this hardy plant. It will grow in a variety of conditions and is a good plant to purchase if you’re just going to get one.



If you’re still not sure what plants to get or need information on how to care for plants for your betta tank, come see us! We’d love to help you find the right plants for your freshwater aquariums.