Top toy ideas for your puppy

Top toy ideas for your puppy

With a new puppy comes much…chewing! Puppies are so adorable and so much fun, but they need the right toys to keep them occupied and away from your shoes and furniture legs as they teethe and grow. We’ve listed 5 great options for puppy toys below.

CHEWS – Redbarn has a huge variety of chews of all kinds, from cow years to ham bones and deer antlers, to keep your puppy entertained and happily chewing away on something that isn’t your Nikes. Top Toys for your puppy








TOYS – Rope toys and Kong chew toys are other great options to keep your puppy occupied. Kong’s Puppy Goodie Bone combines both the chew satisfaction of a KONG rubber bone with the texture fun of a rope toy.  According to the KONG website, “The KONG Puppy Goodie Bone™ with Rope engages puppies that delight in chew sessions, while the all-natural cotton rope making it an ideal toy to fulfill a puppy’s instinctual needs. Made from the KONG Classic unique a puppy rubber, this bone teaches puppies appropriate chewing behavior while easing aching teeth and gums. It also has the added delight of an all-cotton rope that gives puppies multiple chewing choices.”

Kong rope and bone toy









Also from KONG is this Comfort Hedgehog Puppy toy. It has a squeaker, which is fun for puppies to hear and play with, but it’s plush exterior also makes it perfect for quiet play time or napping.


top toy ideas for your puppy









Finally, puzzle games, like Hagen’s DogIT Mind Games, or puzzle balls, can be a fun diversion for your puppy. Even a Kong filled with peanut butter or treats gives them a way to stay entertained safely when you’re on a Zoom call or at work.

Puppy PUzzles









Come in and check out our huge selection of toys for puppies! We’ve got top toys for your puppy that float, toys that glow in the dark, soft toys, rubbery toys, bones, treats and more! You’ll find all you need for training and entertainment.