5 Tips for Hiking with your dogs

5 Tips for Hiking with your dogs

Hiking with dogs can seem like the easiest thing in the world: take the dog, grab a leash, go for a hike. However, we’ve got a few tips that can make hiking with your pup even easier and more enjoyable for you and all those you encounter. 

HIking with your dog Pets and Vacation

Leash Up

It may seem that hiking is a great way for your dog to run off all his pent-up energy, and that can be true! However, on busy trails or trails where you know you’re likely to encounter runners, bikers, and horses, it’s better to use a leash. Not only does it stop any frustrating situations with other people and their own dogs, but it protects rabbits and other creatures your dog might want to chase. 

Take Water and Treats

If you need to hydrate your dog will too, especially on longer or hotter hikes. Make sure to take extra water for your dog and make sure your dog is either trained to drink from your hydration hose or take a collapsible water bowl.  You can pick one up from us! Treats can be a great way to give your dog a pick-me-up on a long hike, or entice a dog to behave.  If you’re passing by a group of cattle or horses, you can use a treat to keep your dog’s attention focused on YOU and what you want him or her to do. 

Know the limits

Know your dog’s ability level and limits and have a plan for that. If you have a small dog who can’t hike too far without getting tired, consider either short hikes or a travel option for carrying him or her when they get tired. The same goes for older dogs who might not be able to scramble over rocks on some harder trails.  

Know your dog’s social skills

If you know your dog is leery of other dogs then make sure that those coming towards you with their own dogs are aware of that, or give others a wide berth so that your dog doesn’t get scared or agitated.  The last thing you want is for your dog to get hurt, or another person to get hurt! Just being aware of how your dog interacts with other animals and humans can go a long way to make sure your hikes with your pup are a success! 

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