Great Beginner Saltwater Fish

Great Beginner Saltwater Fish

If you’ve decided to venture into the realm of saltwater aquariums, you want to get off to a good start. One way to do that is with the right fish. There are quite a few beginner saltwater fish that are easy-to-care for and hardy like clownfish, blennies, gobys, wrasse, and the long-nose hawkfish.


Clownfish are one of the easiest to care for saltwater fish species. Purchasing tank-raised ones will ensure that your fish are acclimated to tank life. Once in your tank they’ll establish their “home” in a portion of the tank and won’t spend much time exploring the rest of it. Buying a mated pair is always a great idea too.

beginner saltwater fish



Blennies, especially lawnmower blennies, are excellent algae eaters. Since new saltwater tanks tend to produce a lot of algae, having a few of these guys in your tank will help you solve your algae problem! They’re also quite entertaining, watching them eat algae and hop around on various rocks and decorations in your tank.

lawnmower blenny


Goby – Firefish, Orange-Spotted, Watchman

Gobys are great cleaner fish that will sift through sand on the bottom looking for bits of food and small organisms. Though usually peaceful, they can be territorial, especially with other fish that are sand sifters, so it’s best if these are singular or in a mated pair.

Watchman goby


Wrasse – Most Varieties

With plenty of places to hide, a wrasse can be a beautiful addition to your tank. They like to hide in the sand, so make sure your substrate is clean. Shy at first, many of them will become bold and warm up to you. They may even eat right out of your hand! The ornate wrasse (below) is particularly peaceful and works well even with corals.


Ornate Wrasse


Hawkfish are great predator bottom dwellers. They are attractive and will perch themselves in a place, usually on coral, to wait for prey. They can be aggressive with other bottom dwellers, so if you choose to add a hawkfish, consider NOT adding other bottom dwellers. Look for mid and top level fish to add to your tank.

Flame Hawkfish


If you’re ready to get started with a saltwater aquarium, come see us! Our pet professionals can help you find the right tank and fish for a successful set up.