Foods that are toxic to cats

Foods that are toxic to cats

That saying about curiosity and cats is so true, isn’t it? Cats are curious by nature, but that curiosity can get them into trouble, especially when it comes to human foods. If your cat is one who likes to sniff around what you’re cooking and perhaps take a nibble now and again, be aware of these foods that are toxic to cats.

Chocolate – We all know chocolate isn’t good for dogs, but it also isn’t a friend to cats either. Dark chocolate and baking chocolate are the worst and can cause, among other things, seizures and abnormal heart rhythms. Cats aren’t prone to eating chocolate on their own, but it’s better to keep it out of their way anyway.

Caffeine and Alcohol – Again, your cat probably isn’t going to ingest enough caffeine on his or her own for it to be fatal, but it’s best not to leave an open can of coffee around anyway.  However, even a tiny amount of alcohol can cause health problems for your cat.  Vomiting and diarrhea are common symptoms of a cat ingesting alcohol.

Onions, Garlic, etc – Anything in this family, from chives and scallions to red onion and garlic, is toxic to a cat in large quantities. I try to make sure I thoroughly wipe up all traces of garlic and onion because I’d rather be safe than sorry.

Foods that are toxic to cats

Pizza or Bread dough – Raw yeast doughs like these will expand in your cat’s stomach and can cause, at a minimum, a very uncomfortable experience for your pet.

Grapes and Raisins – though we don’t know exactly what it is in raisins/grapes that is toxic to cats and dogs, we know it’s there. Best to avoid these with your pets at all costs.

Milk – Many cats are lactose intolerant, despite the old thought that cats love milk. If you want to give your cat a delicious creamy treat, consider goat’s milk, like Primal, that we sell at J&M Aquatics and Pet Center.

Salt- too much sodium isn’t good for kitties either.  Ours are fans of feta cheese and parmesan, both of which have a high sodium content, so we have to make sure to keep those ingredients put away unless we’re right there to make sure a kitty doesn’t sneak a taste!

If you need new treats that are safe and nutritious for your cat, come see us! We’ve got a great selection of natural pet foods to choose from.