Noise Anxiety in Dogs

Noise Anxiety in Dogs

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It is that time of year again, when fireworks seem to go off randomly for a few weeks before and after the 4th of July. If noise anxiety is a problem for your pooch, this brings an extra amount of stress to a time when there are already lots of extra noises happening! With thunderstorms, outdoor parties, and concerts already bringing lots of stress, the addition of random fireworks can be too much.

There are lots of ways you can help with noise anxiety in dogs. Homeopet has a great post here with a few options, and we also stock their Fireworks Relief drops along with many of their other products designed to help your pet with anxiety, joint pain, and more.

Homeopet Fireworks

CBD products are another new and great option to help calm your pet during times of high anxiety.  Austin & Kat have a great line of products, which we have in stock, to help with noise anxiety in dogs, joint pain, and more.

Noise Anxiety in Dogs


Other ways you can help your dog when he or she is suffering from noise-induced anxiety include:

  • Providing a safe space. Sometimes if your dog has safe bed or crate to go to when he or she is scared, they will calm down. Providing this safe haven for them gives them a space they know is safe from the thunder monster, fireworks, and more.
  • Apply gentle pressure. For some dogs, being petted while they’re experiencing anxiety only makes matters worse.  But applying gentle pressure by leaning against them or allowing them to sit next to you can help. A ‘thunder shirt’ is another option that can help.
  • If possible, provide some background noise that overpowers the noises they’re afraid of. Music, white noise, etc can help your pets feel more at ease and will drown out the fireworks or other loud noises.

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