Five Facts About Loaches

Five Facts About Loaches

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For tropical fish enthusiasts learning about new fish to add to a tank is exciting! It’s best to truly understand the fish you’re purchasing in order to ensure their happiness in your tank. Keep reading for five facts about loaches, August’s Fish of the Month!

First, loaches are usually scavengers. They hunt around on theh bottom of the aquarium for tidbits left behind by other fish. This means they’re bottom dwellers. Remember, some fish are bottom dwellers, some live in the middle of your tank, and some tend to hang out near the top.

Next, loaches prefer to be in schools. Their sense of community is so strong they’ll often become depressed if left without a companion.  There are many fish who are fine on their own, but most loaches don’t fall into that category!

Five Facts about Loaches

Some loaches will grow quite large. The clown loach, for instance, can grow to be 12″ long. Since it also enjoys being kept in a school, it’s best to put some loaches like these only in large tanks of over 55 gallons.

Most loaches are peaceful and quite active. Though you may only see some of them at night, there are some loaches that can grow to recognize their owners.  Adding moonlight to your tank can be one way to ensure you see your fish more often.

Finally, loaches almost always change color patterns as they age and grow. Watching for these changes as a loach owner can be really exciting.

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