Facts about Gouramis

Facts about Gouramis

Gouramis are a great freshwater tropical fish to add to your aquarium. If you’re looking for new tropical fish, stop in and see us. We can help you find the right fish, Gourami or other, for your tanks!

Facts about gourami

Gourami are a peaceful fish suitable for community tanks. They’re undemanding and will get along well with other community fish like tetras, plecos, rasboras and danios.

Gourami are originally from Southern Asia.  They are a freshwater tropical fish.

When setting up a tank for Gouramis, know that they will do best in water between 74-79 degrees F. The water’s pH level should be neutral to slightly acidic, and they like a light substrate. Plants are a great addition to any community tank. Gourmis like Vallisneria and Java Fern.

For food Gouramis aren’t picky. They’ll enjoy just about anything, but make sure to provide a varied diet, just like you’d do for yourself. Switch it up among dry flakes, frozen foods, and even some fresh/live shrimp, etc. Your fish will appreciate it!

Gouramis are available in quite a few colors and varieties including these listed below: Blue Gourami, Moonlight Gourami, and Chocolate Gourami.


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