Five Gift Ideas for Cat Lovers

Five Gift Ideas for Cat Lovers

If you’ve got friends who love cats and want to get them something for Christmas, we’ve got ideas for you that are sure to please and won’t break the bank! Cats can be finicky creatures, prone to being, well…cats. So finding a good gift for them and their owners can be tricky. But we’ve got 5 gift ideas for cat lovers we think we’ll work wonders!

First, stay away from food and treats unless you know exactly what these cats like. As we said, cats are particular and, believe it or not, not all of them like fish! Instead opt for toys, scratchy posts, and these other ideas.

Cardboard scratchers like these are inexpensive and sure to please. We have a variety of styles in stock and, when a cat has mostly destroyed it, it’s recyclable!


5 gift ideas for cat lovers

Next, Yeowww Catnip toys are a good option too. Theses safe-for-all-cats toys come in a variety of styles and colors, from bananas and rainbows to Christmas trees.  Our very own Phoebe kitty loves to roll around with her favorite Yeowww heart and rainbow!

benefits of catnip cat enrichment


Foil crinkle balls are also a good choice as most cats will enjoy batting around these noisy little bundles of fun! Toys like this that provide sporadic motion are good for kitty’s hunting instinct!

A cat puzzle toy is a good option. This way your friends can use the treats their cats prefer while also providing their cat with a fun and challenging way to get food. A treat ball that rolls is a great option for keeping a kitty occupied at dinnertime.

And finally…if you are really trying to save money, your friends will love you for bringing their cat a cardboard box! Seriously, kitties love boxes. They feel secure in a box and protected. If you’ve recently been to Sam’s and have a box from there, those work great! Of our five gift ideas for cat lovers, this one doesn’t have to come from us, but it IS sure to please!