What is My Cat Trying to Tell Me?

What is My Cat Trying to Tell Me?

If you’ve often asked yourself, “what is my cat trying to tell me” you’re not alone. If you’ve said to your cat, “What are you trying to tell me” you’re also not alone! I know because I do it on a daily basis. However, if you’re close to your pets, you know they do talk to you.  They try their best to communicate with you through sounds, actions, and even where they sit or lie down.  So, for all of those out there asking that question of what is my cat trying to tell me, we have a few suggestions.

What is my cat trying to tell me


Meowing can mean lots of things, obviously. Chances are that if your cat is meowing they are either bored or need something. Don’t just listen, take a moment to look. Is your cat sitting next to the sink and meowing? Perhaps s/he wants some water. This is very common with our cat, Monica. Monica loves water from the sink. She will often sit by the sink and meow for us to turn the water on for her.

This same kitty also meows when she’s bored. She knows no other way to say, “play with me” than to meow and look at me like, “don’t you get it?” Often, once she has her favorite toy, she’s quiet and content! Try setting up a kitty fort, pulling out a treat ball, or spending a few minutes petting your meowing cat and see if that solves the problem. For more signs that you have a bored cat, click here.


This is a fun one! If your kitty is looking out the window and making little chattering noises s/he has probably seen a bird or another kitty! Some say that the sound the cats make when they see wildlife outside is akin to the sound they make in the wild when they’re consuming prey. All we know is that it’s a clear indication there is something outside that has their attention and they want it!


Yes, cats growl! Our protective kitties growl anytime they see a strange car or person in the driveway. It’s a deep-throated low sound that is distinct from anything else. I’m convinced this is kitty’s way of alerting us to potential stranger-danger.

Your cats will make all kinds of noises, and the more you interact with them the more those noises will make sense to you. You’ll understand what they need because you’re a good pet parent! Remember, for all your pet’s needs, we’re here to help!