Community Fish Tank Inspiration

Community Fish Tank Inspiration

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In my opinion, community fish tanks are just plain fun. Seeing such varieties of fish happily sharing (ok, at least sharing) space in this microverse is fun to watch.

At J&M Aquatics and Pet center, our team of fish specialists can help you put together a great tank! Remember, good things come to those who wait. Give your tank and plants time to grow and soon you’ll be inspiration for someone else!

Community Fish Tank Inspiration: Compatibility

Community Tank Inspiration

One of the first things to consider with a community tank is compatibility. Using the chart below for saltwater fish, you can see what fish work well together, and which ones really don’t. This will get you off to a good start: having fish together who know how to share space!

Community Tank Inspiration

Click here for freshwater chart. 


When choosing fish for your community tank, consider the colors! The above reef tank has such a wide variety of colorful fish…and that is definitely one way to go. Of course, you can also choose fish all in a certain few colors, like blue and yellow, or black and white even. That’s up to you! Come take a look around our fish room and let the fish tell you!

planted tank example


Plants or Corals

In both reef and freshwater tanks, the “extras” are what really provide interest to your tank, and fun for your fish. Planted freshwater tanks are so beautiful and every one is unique. They do take a little time and effort, so those are great for people who really like to get involved in their tank hobby. For others, fun rock and items like “treasure chests” and castles are eye catching. Everyone loves watching a fish swim around rocks.

fish castle

Top to Bottom Community Fish Tank Inspiration

LAST, when considering compatibility of your community tanks, don’t forget about the top, middle and bottom dwellers. Too many of any will cause some territorial issues.  Need more community fish tank inspiration? Stop by our store at 2851 1/2 North Avenue in Grand Junction, CO. Need help? Contact us! 

community fish tank inspiration