Ease your pet’s fireworks anxiety

Ease your pet’s fireworks anxiety

It’s 4th of July weekend and we all know what that means: fireworks. If your dogs are like many, they do NOT like loud noises! We’ve got five ways to help you ease your pet’s fireworks anxiety this holiday weekend.

Calming Chews

There are many CBD products out now that are designed specifically with your pet in mind. Some of the products we have, like the ones below, contain melatonin, lavender, and other natural calming aids. These can all help keep your pet calm during fireworks or even those desert monsoonal thunderstorms .

(on sale thru July 4)

Thunder Shirt

“Thunder shirts” designed to fit snuggly around your dog and provide them with comfort and security, are a great option as well. These work for some pups but not all.


Playing loud music that drowns out the sound of fireworks or thunder can be helpful too. Choose something slightly mellow (no heavy metal) for your pet and crank up that volume!

A Companion

If you can, be around for your pet this weekend. They’ll feel better knowing Mom and Dad are nearby to protect them from the fireworks and loud booms. Remember, they have no idea what’s going on except that there are a lot of loud noises and people yelling!

A Safe Place to Hide

Finally, if all else fails, provide your pet with a safe space. My dad’s dog likes to move her bed behind his chair. Your pet may prefer to hide under a bed or in a closet. If so, give them the space and permssion to do this. They’re protecting themselves and will be safer and less anxious this way.

If you’re not sure about the best way to ease your pet’s fireworks anxiety, come see us! Our pet professionals can give you lots of options!