Tips for Finding a Pet Sitter

Tips for Finding a Pet Sitter

Finding a pet sitter can be a daunting task; it’s almost as nerve-wracking as finding a baby sitter! You want to know that when you’re gone Fido and Mr. Whiskers are well taken care of. We totally get that! So, we’ve got a few tips for finding a pet sitter.

tips for finding a pet sitter

1. Ask your friends. Obviously the best place to go for advice is to your friends! Find out who your friends and co-workers use for pet sitting. Chances are if they like someone that person will at least be a starting point for you.

2. Ask on Facebook. Put the word out on Facebook and see what kind of response you get from friends there. Whether you’re boarding or looking for a house pet sitter, asking a wider audience means you’ll get a bigger pool of recommendations and ideas.

3. Ask your local pet store! Stop in and ask us! Heck, some of us might be happy to help you out! Even if we can’t, we can probably point you to a few good resources, depending on your needs.

Once you have some people to interview, consider the following:

1. A face-to-paw meeting with the potential sitter and your pet(s).

2. Ask for references if possible.

3. Be sure to include all tasks you’ll need them to do, from cleaning cages and litter boxes to daily walks of a certain length.

Take your time when looking for a new pet sitter. We know your pets are important to you!