Top Fish for Desktop Aquariums

Top Fish for Desktop Aquariums

Tom and Eric from Fluval share their lists for their top fish for desktop aquariums.  These fish need to be smaller, as they’re in tanks smaller than 15 gallons.  On the list are: guppies, pygmy corys, ember tetras and lots more!  To learn more about the top fish for desktop aquariums, make sure to watch Eric and Tom’s video below.

Because desktop aquariums are small, when it comes to the top fish for these tanks, nano fish, shrimp, and small community fish like tetras and danios are perfect options! We always have a TON of these in stock and we can help you find the right desktop kit for your needs too.

For more advice on fish and caring for your aquarium, come see us at 2851 1/2 North Avenue in Grand Junction.  We have a huge selection of freshwater and saltwater fish and we have fish experts.  Our experts can help you pick out the best plants for a planted tank, great tank mates for a community tank, or corals for a reef tank.  For other fish blogs, check out this recent one on improving your planted aquarium.

While you’re in searching for the top fish desktop aquariums be sure to pick up some decor for your tank too. We have castles for fish to play around and LED lighting kits to keep your fish happy and healthy! There’s so much more to see!


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